After you have finished your pilgrimage, Vanmiria will ask you to wait for the leader of the Order, Merzul, to start your initiation into the Order.


Waiting for MerzulEdit


Observatory in Arcane Sanctum

Wait until midnight (12 p.m.) at the Observatory. Around 12 p.m. Merzul will start coming down down the stairs from the north. Speak to him to trigger the quest.

Choosing your BirthsignEdit

At this point you are presented with a choice concerning your birthsign. Bear in mind that birthsigns provide you with some minor spells, and your actual class depends on your weapon choice.

Looking at the StarsEdit


Merzul, the Order's leader

Merzul will start examining the stars and deduce some facts about the world. He discovers that the stars have significantly changed recently. The age that we live in seems very uncertain and the southern part of Nehrim has changed in a quite disturbing way. According to Merzul, the structure of the world is losing strength, arcane energies are penetrating it. Merzul adds that the sky is in a strange form which probably represents a major upheaval. The leader of the Order concludes that there are forms which were not present over a thousand years.

Grasping the Order's PrinciplesEdit

Merzul asks you the question about you and your attitude towards Fate. Whatever your answer is, he will start elaborating on the Predestination of Tel'lmaltath, the Shadow God and his relation to the Light-Born (the Gods). Ultimately, their goal is to put an end to the Light-Born's unjust rule over the world and the people of Nehrim and give power to the people, not the Gods. Merzul is convinced that there is only one person who can fulfil the Predestination, that is Narathzul Arantheal.



  • Merzul's coming
  • The Order's Leader
  • Looking at the Stars

Quest JournalEdit

The use of the console is same like in Oblivion. Description how to use console commands can be found


A Glance to the Stars - MQ03
Stage End Q Journal Entry
5 I am to meet Merzul at midnight in the Astronomical Observatory of the Sanctum. As is tradition, he will give me a reading of the stars.
10 I have met with Merzul. He will now interpret the stars for me.
20 Merzul explained to me the purpose of the order. They are fighting to ensure that the "Gods" that are truly not really supernatural beings, no longer rule over the people. Their rule was unjust and unfounded. To dethrone the gods, there must rise a so-called Shadow God. Supposedly it was Narathzul Arantheal, who was the first to rebel against the gods.
25 End Merzul told me to visit Acorias at the House of the Templars to begin my training.

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