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Like many other games, Nehrim has achievements which a player can gain when doing certain tasks under specific circumstances. There are achievements which can be gained in-game and if the player is playing Nehrim from the Steam client, there are more achievements as well, which are overlapping a lot with the in-game achievements.

The list of unlockable achievements in Nehrim

Picture Title Conditions Nehrim
Aabenteurer01.jpg Adventurer - for completing 50 quests.
Aabenteurer02.jpg Busy adventurer - for completing 65 quests.
Aingredient01.jpg Adventurous - for eating 100 ingredients.
Aangst01.jpg Agony - for survival with only 1 hit point.
Acmagic01.jpg Available Magic Ranks I - for being able to use spells level 1.
Amagic02.jpg Available Magic Ranks II - for being able to use spells level 2.
Amagic03.jpg Available Magic Ranks III - for being able to use spells level 3.
Amagic04.jpg Available Magic Ranks IV - for being able to use spells level 4.
Amagic05.jpg Available Magic Ranks V - for being able to use spells level 5.
Amagic06.jpg Available Magic Ranks VI - for being able to use spells level 6.
Amagic07.jpg Available Magic Ranks VII - for being able to use spells level 7.
Abank01.jpg Bank Robber - For opening 7 bank vaults.
Blood Sigil - For killing Tyr.
Abank02.jpg Cunning Bank Robber - For opening 14 bank vaults.
Alapsedblockade01.jpg Blockade removal - For disabling the teleporter blockades.
Amoerder01.jpg Bloodstained - for murdering a person.
Amoerder02.jpg Butcher - For murdering 10 persons.
Amoerder03.jpg Merciless Butcher - for murdering 50 persons.
Aplant01.jpg Botanist - for collecting 100 rare plants.
Abounty01.jpg Bounty Hunter - for completing 5 bounties.
Abounty02.jpg Professional - for 10 collected bounties.
Acannonfodder01.jpg Cannon Fodder - for sinking the galleon of Ostian.
Aheim02.jpg Castle Lord - for owning a castle.
Areiterei02.jpg Cavalry - for owning an armored horse.

Conquest - for capturing Castle Darlan.

Atode01.jpg Finisher - for killing 250 enemies.
Atraining01.jpg Efficient Training - for 100 skill enhancements.
Atode02.jpg Executor - for killing 1000 enemies.
Aexplore01.jpg Explorer - for discovering 100 locations.
Aexplore02.jpg Globetrotter - For discovering 200 locations.
Afiredance01.jpg Fire Dance - for having survived lava contact.
Aplayerbounty01.jpg Heavy Offense - for a bounty of 5000.
Aplayerbounty02.jpg Wanted Criminal - for a bounty of 10000.
Aheim01.jpg Home Sweet Home - for owning a house.
Areiterei01.jpg Horse Rider - for buying a horse.
Aretter01.jpg In Need of Rescue - for rescuing Marianne.
Awissen01.jpg Inquisitive - for reading 100 books.
Nehrimchoosemq0502.jpg Law and Order - for killing Narel.
Nehrimchoosemq0501.jpg Thieves' Friend - for sparing Narel.
Nehrimchoosemq1801.jpg Liberation - for freeing the village of Mortram.
Alegend01.jpg Living Legend - for reaching level 30.
Adieb01.jpg Lockpicker - For picking 100 locks.
Amagic01.jpg Magic Prohibition - for disobeying the Magic Prohibition.
Asymbol01.jpg Magical Symbols - for finding 1-...-100 magical symbols.
Arocks01.jpg Miner - for mining 50 minerals.
Adisease01.jpg Morbid Attraction - for contracting 10 diseases.
Amountain01.jpg Mountaineer - for climbing mountains.
Aset01.jpg Passionate Collector - for having a complete armor set.
Apotion01.jpg Potion Mixer - for creating 100 potions.
Alearning01.jpg Precious Knowledge - for 50 self-acquired skill improvements.
Adiebfuchs01.jpg Sly Fellow - For receiving 5 thief achievements.
Asoulgem01.jpg Soul Raider - for catching 15 souls.
Atime01.jpg Space-time Distortion I - for spending 20 hours playing Nehrim.
Atime02.jpg Space-time Distortion II - for spending 40 hours playing Nehrim.
Atime03.jpg Space-time Distortion III - for spending 60 hours playing Nehrim.
Atime04.jpg Space-time Distortion IV - for spending 80 hours playing Nehrim.
Atime05.jpg Space-time Distortion V - for spending 100 hours playing Nehrim.
Atime06.jpg Space-time Distortion VI - for spending 120 hours playing Nehrim.
Adieb03.jpg Sneaker- for breaking into 200 houses.
Aspoiledsuccess01.jpg Successful - for receiving many achievements.
Adieb02.jpg Surreptitious - for 25 pickpocketings.
Ahauptquest.jpg Tamer of Fate - for completing the Main Quest.
Ateleport01.jpg Teleporter - for teleporting 20 times.
Aorden01.jpg The Order - for becoming a Shadow Seeker of the Order.
Aangriff01.jpg Thug - for assaulting someone.
Agrabraeuber01.jpg Tomb Raider - for looting 30 graves.
Copy of Afallensteller.jpg Trapper - for killing the Black Troll.
Abankgold01.jpg Trust in Gold - for having more than 130000 pieces of gold in your account.
Awasser01.jpg Water Rat - for a lot of swimming.

Steam achievements

In this table you can find about all achievements in the steam version of Nehrim. At this moment, the achievements still needs some order and more information about the conditions, especially the hidden achievements.

Picture Title Conditions Advice
Shadow and Light Started a new game and made the player character.
Burn it with Fire Burned the Black Troll during the quest Shadow and Light.
Bowling Bowl five trolls away. This can be done during the quest Shadow and Light after killing the Black Troll.
The Rat Problem Completed the quest Work in the Mine.
Artfulness Completed the quest Karick's Helm Problem.
Have a Shovel or Two Completed the quest Under Siege.
Take the Boat Take Porim's Boat during the quest Journey to the Abbey
The Order Completed the quest On to the Sanctum.
Free Kim Freed Kim from slavery at the end of The Path of the Gifted.
Return to Sender Completed the quest The Candidate of the City Guard.
Pirate Ship to Arktwend Completed the quest Into the Forsaken Country.
Spoiled Achiever You achieved a lot by now. Aquired 75 other Steam achievements.
A Secure Chest You opened your secure chest the first time. See Secure chest for all locations.
Perfume You returned the perfume to the god shrine. See the page The Scent of Divinity.
Near Dead Experience You survived with 1 hitpoint left.
Federal Bureau for Fortune Restriction You gave your money to the Federal Bureau for Fortune Restriction.
The Boar You killed the boar during the quest Goblins and a Wild Boar.
The Big Goblin Cave-in You killed all goblins by hand or blowed up the cave during the quest Goblins and a Wild Boar.
Magic Ban You violated the banishment of magic law by casting a spell and activated a Witch Bell.
Let's just start already! Take a long time designing your player character when a new game is started.
Roots of My Past Completed the quest Search for My Roots.
Blow the Horn You killed the leader of the bandit camp near Stonefield. Complete The Robber's Nest.
Mushroom Collector You saved Marianne from the evil creatures. Complete the quest Team Spirit.
Some Time Some time has passed. Played the game 30 hours or more.
The Locked up and Forgotten
Nexus Axe Got the Nexus Axe from the Steel Rail Mine. Complete The Cry from the Deep.
Moon Tuber Completed The Moon Sheep in favour of Amanda.
A Grave in the Deep You visited the grave of king Daromith. Done during In The Underworld.
Deep Down You entered the ancient mines of the Daromith. Done during In The Underworld.
Frost Finger You used Frostfinger's almanac to learn the spell Create Frost Sphere for 5 learning points.
Minotaur You killed the last inhabitant of the bestarium, the minotaur of the deep. Done during In The Underworld.
Alchemist Brew 100 potions with the Alchemy skill.
Tastes Like Cherries - Yummy You ate 100 alchemy ingredients.
FIRE! You gave the signal to fire a projectile towards Erothin.
A Place Below the Ocean You freed Narathzul Arantheal from his prison. Main quest related.
The Butcher For killing The Butcher, which is the target of the bounty quest The Butcher. (not confirmed yet).
Poem of the Pompous You read Barateon's poem.
Gervasisus request You found the first artifact for Gervasius.
Gratitude of the Surpressed Narel showed you the sec ret passage. To get this achievement, you must not kill Narel after chasing him down (main quest related)
Castle of Darlan
Oh Waltraud! [cannot enter description due to spoilers] Complete The Missing Master Brewer.
Taelor's Exile
Home Purchased a home in Erothin for 10,000 gold. See Julius Home Dealer in Erothin.
The Bottle Booze Birds You rescued the booze from the bird during Predatory Bird.
Executor You killed over 250 foes.
A Godlike Puzzle You found all pieces of the god shrine statue. Complete If the mind is strong, then so is the body
Nice Shoes You brought Madame some nice looking shoes. Complete the quest No sturdy shoes. Not confirmed yet.
Tomb Raider You opened a reasonable amount of graves (30+).
Key to Zerobilon Found the key to Zerobilon. See the quest A fiery welcome for more details.
Teleportation Blockade Destroyed the teleportation platform blockades which were added during the quest Encounter and Getting out!.
The Scarecrow Granted during the quest Darius' Treasure Hunt
Spectral Wanderer Use teleportation spells successfully 20 times.
Miner Mined 50 ore veins with a pickaxe.
Fine Spider Silk You delivered the Fine Spider Silk for Mathilda.
Darius the Dead You killed high priest Darius at last. Complete the quest The Search for Darius.
Gaboff! You provided Gabor Gaboff with the opportunity to blow something up.
Heavy Learning Increased 50 skills with the help of trainers.
Sickness attraction You contracted 10 diseases. The quickest and earliest way to gain this achievement is by finding a Diseased Deer, along with 10 Mandrakes or other disease curing methods.
Bank Robber Gather keys to the vaults in the Bank of Erothin and open the vaults.
Problem Solver You've completed over 50 quests.
Ruler over Mankind You've trusted Tyr, but the reign of the Lightborn is over.
Game of Towers You won the strange tower game.
Writing of the Creator You read the seven rules of creator. Complete the quest Pilgrimage. Not confirmed yet.
Shadow God A new Shadow God arose.
End of the Lightborn You killed the last Lightborn Tyr - their reign was unlawful.
The Soul Keepers You escaped the Soul Keeper's jail. Complete the quest In the Jail of Souls.
Eclipse You destroyed the Sun.
Champion You completed all the fights in the arena of Ostian. See Fights in the Ostian Arena for more information.
Explorer You explored over 100 places on Nehrim.
Travel Guide You explored over 200 places on Nehrim.
Spoiled Achiever
Bounty Hunter Completed all the bounty quests.
Inflation You kept over 130,000 gold at the Bank of Erothin. Alchemy is an easy way to make a lot of gold.
Big Fat Pumpkin Open up the "Suspicious Pumpkin" in Big Farmer's House in Erothin Farmer Village It's the big house with a cartful of pumpkins outside. The suspicious pumpkins are upstairs on the table. They're a miscellaneous item, not an ingredient. Steal them and activate from inside your inventory for valuables and a bank vault key.
Krabby Crab Killed the crab Krabby.
Back to the Beginning You returned to the Shadow Song Mine. Return to the mine entrance (where you originally first exit the mine for the first time in the tutorial) after finishing the main quest.
Botanist Collected over 200 rare plants (Vyn Roots, Ice Claws and Fire Cape). See the article Unique plants for the locations.
Lucky You found 50 fire spark plants
Water Rat Involves a lot of swimming.
Small Steps Reach level 5.
A New Life Reached level 15.
Living Legend Reached level 30.
Magic Rank I Reach level 1, which is achieved when the player character is created.
Magic Rank II Reach level 7
Magic Rank III Reach level 14
Magic Rank IV Reach level 21
Magic Rank V Reach level 28
Magic Rank VI Reach level 35
Magic Rank VII Reach level 42
Book Worm You read 100 books.
Ice Claw You found and ate ten Ice Claws and increased encumberance by 10 points. Consumption is not needed in fact to reach the achievement. See the article Unique plants for the locations.
Fire Spark You found the first Fire Spark and received +1 Luck. Consumption is in fact not needed to gain this achievement, only finding is required. See the article Unique plants for the locations.
Book of Conjuration You found the first Almanac of Conjuration.
Collector For wearing a full set.
Cavalry For buying a horse at the Stonefield stable. A horse can be bought for 3,000 gold.
Horse Armor You bought horse armor for your horse. Can be bought at the same stable. Armour can be bought for 2,000 gold.
Magic Symbol Found the first Magic Symbol in Nehrim.
Magic Nehrim Found all magical symbols. You can keep track of the amount of found symbols in your diary.