Acrobatics is the skill which determines how high the jump is, but not the length, which is determined by Speed. As such, an acrobat does benefit from increasing speed. It also determines when and how much damage is inflicted if the player falls down a large distance.

Dodge[edit | edit source]

When the journeyman rank in Acrobatics is reached, the ability of dodge is unlocked. It can be performed by blocking, then pressing the jump button, while moving any direction. The character will perform a forward roll, a roll to the lift or right or a backward flip. With the default controls, it can be performed the following way: Right mouse button, pressing either W, A, S or D key and then the spacebar.

If the technique is controlled by the player, it can be used to do combinations, which are especially useful against slow hitting enemies.

Manual training[edit | edit source]

The best ways of training acrobatics are either jumping swiftly in succession (jumping a relative low distances or falling distances, which will harm the player character. At the moment, there are no known locations in Nehrim which can be used as a good training ground for this method.

Trainers[edit | edit source]

If a trainer is needed in the skill, the skill can be increased by one level for each learning point at the following trainers:

AthleticsBlockBladeBluntCraftingHand to HandHeavy armour
Crafting activities
BrewingCookingForgingMeltingMiningSharpeningTreasure hunting
AcrobaticsLight armourMarksmanMercantileSpeechcraftSneakSecurity
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