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Anonymous LetterEdit

Line625 This letter is for you and you alone, nobody else. Please, be aware of the following:

If someone learns of this letter, both of you will meet your doom. You may think that this is an idle threat, but I assure you it isn't, and it is not worth taking the chance.

I have discreetly inquired around and found you are a person of integrity. I need your help and we must meet secretly because of the danger. Here is what I want you to do. In two days at dusk you will go alone into the disused section of the Shadow Song Mine, where I will meet you. This mine is located west of the Tirin Abbey. I'm dreadfully sorry but your life is in danger because I have contacted you. You will not be safe if you do not show up. Again, I am sorry for the danger I've put you in but these are difficult times and I need your help. You no longer have much of a choice my friend so I look forward to seeing you in two days.


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