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A merchant reading a book in front of her Coach. She sleep from 12PM to 6 AM. When is raining she move in the coach.




Ingredients. Apparatus, Potions

Barter list Edit

Apprentice Calcinator
Apprentice Alembic
Apprentice Mortar & Pestle
Apprentice Retort
Journeyman Alembic
Journeyman RetortPotions
Merchants leveled Potions
Health Potion - Rancid
Health Potion - Cheap
Health Potion - Standard
Frost Oil - Rancid
Fire Oil - Rancid
Paralyze - Rancid
Silence - Rancid
Silence - Cheap
Night-Eye - Rancid
Night-Eye - Cheap
Night-Eye - Standard
Cure Disease
Magicka Potion - Rancid
Magicka Potion - Cheap
Magicka Potion - Standard
Invisibility - Rancid

Pickpocketed ItemsEdit


  • The barter list is based on items stored in merchant container. The barter list seen in game is longer due to the game engine where merchant sells also things which is the owner and also equipped items.
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