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Stats[edit | edit source]

Level 100
Health 80 000
Magicka 250
Fatigue 380
Race Aeterna1
Class Bandit
Gender Male
Essential Yes
BaseID 001A9DBB
RefID 001D619D
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End Game ArktEnde BaseID: 00202B90 RefID: 00202BA7

Description[edit | edit source]

Arkt is The Shadow God, ruler of the ruined kingdom of Arktwend. He is also called the Fallen Arch-Seraph, the former war marshal of the Gods.

History[edit | edit source]

In Service of the Gods[edit | edit source]

Exemplary Subject of the Gods[edit | edit source]

At some point, the Light-Born used to place almost absolute trust in Arkt. He was their war marshal and the one who was sent on a very important mission of accompanying Narathzul and Zelara on their task to retrieve the Soul Flayer.

Affair with Zelara[edit | edit source]

Being the trusted captain of The Light-Born, Arkt was sent on a mission to help Narathzul Arantheal and Zelara  to retrieve an ancient artifact that has the power to kill the gods, the Soul Flayer. During the quest Arkt became involved with Narathzul Arantheal's loved one, Zelara. According to Narahtzul, it was Arkt who started flirting with Zelara. When they finally found the Soul Flayer, Arkt told Narathzul about his affair with Zelara. Seeing Arkt and Zelara clung together, made Narathzul's blood boil and an uncontrollable wrath took control over him, he fatally wounded Zelara with the Soul Flayer. Enraged Narathzul wanted to punish Arkt as well, but he managed to flee. According to Arkt, it was Narathzul's fault and his overriding ambition to pursue his own goals that triggered Zelara's betrayal. When we first encounter Arkt during Into the Forsaken Country he creates an impression that Zelara was of minor importance to him, as he calls her 'naive and simple-minded', but it might only serve as a purpose to irritate Narahtzul more. Later in the story, while standing at her grave, he seems deeply touched by her unfortunate lot.

Views[edit | edit source]

As he is the Shadow Gods, he supports Merzul  and Narathzul Arantheal's attempts at dethroning the Light-Born. But he will concentrate some of his efforts on preventing Narathzul from becoming the Shadow God.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

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