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Athletics, along the attribute score in Speed and the equipped items, determines the speed at which the player character can run and swim and the amount of fatigue recovery during running. With swimming, the experience in this skill gained faster than running.

Manual training[]

Athletics, certainly at level fourty and further beyond, becomes time consuming to increase, as it takes about 45 minutes of running to increase the skill one level at level 40. There are no fast methods to increase the levelling, but there are away-from-keyboard methods to increase the skill.

If the default controls are left untouched, the player can press Q to move forwards to where the camera points. By pointing the camera to the inside corner of a wall, the character will slowly gain experience, without wandering off. When all is set for the training, turn off or the power or disconnect the keyboard and mouse.

If this done with running, the player should pick a building without opening/closing times, such as an inn. Running can be done in a lot of places; whereas with swimming, they are more limited. The following places are considered ideal swimming places:


If training is needed in this skill, one kind find the following trainers who train it at 1:1 level/learning points ratio in the following places:

AthleticsBlockBladeBluntCraftingHand to HandHeavy armour
Crafting activities
BrewingCookingForgingMeltingMiningSharpeningTreasure hunting
AcrobaticsLight armourMarksmanMercantileSpeechcraftSneakSecurity