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Bertulus the SlasherEdit


Wanted Bertulus the Slasher Icon nq00i 80
Location South of Andrusch's Farm , Mine of Duran , Aeterna Camp .
Reward 200 Gold pieces

Bertulus the Slasher Bounty QuestEdit


Second Wanted Quest obtained from noticeboard in major cities.


After obtaining this quest, make it your active quest and follow the green quest marker to Bertulus the Slasher's hideout. which is a wooden construction next to a water wheel. He will attack on sight, using both bow and melee attack. Once you have defeated him you will receive a quest update. Looting Bertulus you will receive not only the normal lower level items but the Green robe of equipment, which is not enchanted and offers no significant gains.

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Bertulus the Slasher location

Bertulus the Slasher location


  • There are plenty of Wheat Grains stocked in sacks in Bertulus' hideout.
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