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Description[edit | edit source]


A castle in the Northrealm. When you first encounter is, it is inaccessible as some Middlerelam Soldiers guard the entrance. In front of the castle, you can see a hanged Count of Darlan . The castle is currently under occupation. As you progress in the story, you (or other troops) liberate the Castle and Taranor , the leader of the Northrealm, grants you the castle. With time, the nearby village, Darlan , becomes rebuilt.

Location[edit | edit source]

  • East of Mortram.
  • You can see the castle when passing by Darlan (the village).

Quests[edit | edit source]

The Liberation

Occupants[edit | edit source]

People (before Liberation )

(in front of the Gate)

People (after Liberation ):

Items found[edit | edit source]

List of items found "on sight" or dropped by enemies.

Special Loot

Armour Sets

Enchanted Weapon

Enchanted Armour/Apparel/Ammunition

Other (Magic Symbol, Teleport Runes, Arcane Stones, Textbooks, Enchanting Stones, Soul Gems)

  • Ice Claw (just by the Main Gate, on your right when facing the Gate).

Other Armor/Apparel

Other Weapons/Ammunition







Other (Crafting Tools/Materials, Gold etc.)

Treasure Chests[edit | edit source]

There is a few chest with random loot. For further information check Leveled Items.

Maps[edit | edit source]


Tips/Notes[edit | edit source]

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