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Conjuration is one of the seven magic skills. With conjuration, the player can summon various creatures to provide aid in combat. The effect last for 180 seconds or when your summoned creature dies. Initially, the skill was present, but all the spells where non-existant until patch

Unlike all the other schools of magic, conjuration spells can only be learned by finding runes all across Nehrim. There are no merchants or any trainers in the skill. Instead of that, it can be increased by searching for Almanacs and investing learning points to increase the skill.

Manual training[]

Conjuration can be trained by summoning creatures. At levels 10 - 25, one level is gained by casting 4 to 5 spells, which requires about 75 magicka per casting.

This skill can be combined to train other combat skills, as killing summoned creatures don't provide any experience and with conjuration, the skills can be trained nearly everywhere in the world. Some creature do turn against the summoner when attacked too many times. Skills that can be trained, are:

With the last skill, all arrows will be lost when the creatures is returned from the realm it came from, whereas by finding a creature, aboth half of the arrows may be regained.

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