Tools are needed for most crafting work and some treasure hunting. All tools have the letter (T) next to their name.

  • They do have their durability, it is normal that after some time they disappear from your inventory, similar to how lockpicks become used up after a certain number of uses.
  • DO NOT equip them. It is impossible. To use a tool you simply need to have it in your inventory and use spacebar ('action', 'use' control) on the object you want to use. For instance, if you want to dig a grave, you need a shovel in your inventory. Otherwise, you will not be able to dig this grave.

Tools[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Craft/Activity Price.jpg Weight.jpg ID
Iconshovel58.png Shovel (T) Treasure Hunting 5 2,00 000251A8
Iconshovel58.png Shovel (T) Treasure Hunting 2 2,00 0001D0AF
Iconpickaxe58.png Pickaxe (T) Mining 10 1,00 00025103
Iconrepairhammeri58.png Hammer (T) Forging / Repairing Armor 15 1,00 0000000C
Iconcallipers58.png Forging Tongs (T) Forging 7 1,00 0001C66F
Icontong58.png Smelting Tongs (T) Melting 8 1,50 000251AC

Materials[edit | edit source]

Ingots[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Extracted From Price.jpg Weight.jpg ID
Coalicon58.png Coal 1 0,10 001FE22B
Iconrockiron58.png Iron Ore Lode , Bonanza 5 0,30 0018E4BA
Ironbaricon58.png Iron Ingot Melting 18 3,00 001FE213
Iconsilvernugget58.png Silver Nugget Silver Vein 15 0,25 00049809
Silverbaricon58.png Silver Ingot Melting 130 20,0 001FE215
Icongoldnugget58.png Gold Nugget Gold ore 68 0,25 00049808
Goldbaricon58.png Gold Ingot Melting 350 2,00 001FE214
Ironbaricon58.png Obsidian Ingot Obsidian Guardian 25 3,00 002176A6
Iconrockthorium58.png Thorium Nugget Thorium rock 85 0,15 00226c83
Thoriumbaricon58.png Thorium Ingot Melting 450 3,00 00226C85

Pelts[edit | edit source]

Pelts can be skinned from animals with the hunting skill skinning.

Icon Name Extracted From Price.jpg Weight.jpg ID
Bear Pelt Any kind of Bears. 10 0,00 001D42A1
Wild Boar Hide Young Boar or Boar. 10 0,00 001D429F
Wolf Pelt Any kind of wolf. 10 0,00 001D429E
Lion Hide Mountain Lion 10 0,00 001D42A0

Quests[edit | edit source]

Quests in which tools are important to proceed in the quest:

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