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Line625 Gargorth Cave is a heaven for Ogres situated North of Castle of Stonefield. Expect to find nine Young Ogres inside. As for level 10 it was an easy fight. Ogres use their strong fists and can be dangerous in very close fight. However, they don't move very fast and if you keep your distance you can easily take them down. If you engage in melee a great sword with long reach is the perfect weapon.

The cave is of medium size and most of the time you follow a circular path. After dealing with the first Ogre near the entrance, turn left and follow the path. In your way you will find an iron deposit (you need a pickaxe). At the next crosspath turn again left. There is a locked wooden door (easy). Open it and to your left there is another iron deposit (Bonaza). Now there is a small lake in front of you. Go under the water and exit into the next room. Go upstairs and you will meet with a Ghost Ogre, the boss of the cave. After sending him back to the underworld search the altar on the top of the stairs. Here lies the body of a Fallen Mage, unknown how he ended here. He was kidnapped? Or, he was doing in the seclusion of the cave some nasty experiments which backfired? On his corpse you can find some interesting items: the Boots of Agility (useful for stealth characters), the Glimmering Necklace and few other items which are being described in detail below, in the Items / Rewards. Back to the main cave deal with the remaining Ogres and search the place. The loot is relatively poor: Some pieces of armor, two chests with potions, a corpse with few gold coins, iron deposits etc. Everything is marked on the map and described below.



Gargoth Cave location

Situated North of Castle of Stonefield






Magic Items


  • Boots of Agility (on Fallen Mage)
  • Glimmering Necklace (on Fallen Mage)
  • Steel Helmet
  • Chainmail Boots
  • Grey Robe
  • Laced leather pants (corpse)
  • Patched vest (corpse)
  • Stitched shoes (corpse)





  • Lockpick (corpse)
  • 8 Gold (corpse)


Mining stones


Coordinates for Map marker: Wilderness (-14, 8)

Items foundEdit

Treasure Chests



Two rooms connected with long corridors

Cell name: Gargoth Grotto - Editor ID: GargothPart01


Gargoth cave map01

Gargoth cave map


  • The only loot from the Ogres is some ingredients which they are carrying (bread, linen, game and from the Ghost Ogre ectoplasm). I don't know if with the hunting abilities you can extract their teeth, heart, skin.
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