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Line625 Giliad is the first city that you probably encounter in Nehrim. It has most basic services (trainer, merchants) and you can purchase your first mount here, a donkey. In the middle of the city there is a Wanted Board where you can get assignments to pursue some dangerous criminals. Next to the Smith there should be your personal Storage Chest. There are two locked doors that can be lockpicked (Empty House, Golag's House). One house, Markus' House, can be opened only during one of the Side Quests that will be available later in the story. To gain some more experience points, note that some ominous creatures inhabit the nearby Crypt as well as the Spider Cave.


Giliad Location

Giliad location

In Fold Valley, north of Baldur Bridge.

Location for map Marker: Giliad (-7, 5)





There are a number of services offered in Giliad, which include:

Secure ChestEdit

The chest is located in the center of the city near Golag the Smith.


Teleport platform is found near the Chapel.

General merchants

Spell Merchants


Other services

Crafting Edit

Necessary for crafting is found at Golag the Smith.

  • Grindstone (T)
  • Forge Fire (T)
  • Bellows (T)
  • Anvil (T)

Cooking is available in Tavern on the Crossroads.

Items FoundEdit

(not found inside buildings)



  • 30 Barrels with food and random low items
  • 12 Crates with food and random low items
  • 14 Sacks with random food items
  • 6 Sacks with Flour
  • Torn Grain Sack with 5 Corn


There are 3 mounds on the entrance near the bridge, one mound on each part of the bridge and another mound near the Chapel.


Other PlacesEdit


  • Trap door to Spider Cave located in front of city tavern.
  • Dig spot located just south of town (you need only a Shovel (T) to start gravedigging). You will find there some useful items. The Burial Mounds are located just behind the walls surrounding the city, to the left (when leaving southwards).
  • Board table where you can begin your Bounty Quests.


Giliad Map

Giliad map