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Description[edit | edit source]


Giliad Secluded Boathouse is an unmarked house on the river west of Giliad . It contains some loot protected by a Very Easy lock.

Location[edit | edit source]

Secluded Boathouse location

House in unmarked, but quite easy to find. Follow the east bank of the river west of Giliad .

Occupants[edit | edit source]


Items found[edit | edit source]

Special loot





  • Chest Gold 20 (respawn)
  • Chest with random food items
  • Small Crate with random clutter
  • Crate with random food items
  • Sack with Silver Nugget and 12 random Gold
  • 3 Sacks with Flour
  • Barrel with random food items
  • 2 Barrels with random low items
  • Wardrobe with random clothing and low jewelry
  • Wardrobe with random books

Exterior[edit | edit source]

Coordinates: Wilderness (-10, 9)

Occupants[edit | edit source]


Items found[edit | edit source]

Levels/Rooms[edit | edit source]

One room.

Cell name: Giliad, secluded Boathouse - Editor ID: GiliadAblegeneHuette

Notes[edit | edit source]

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