Irlanda is one of the Light-borns, who ruled over the continent of Nehrim. She was romantically involved with Tealor Arantheal. As a result, she gave birth to Narathzul Arantheal. During the main quest The Sins of our Fathers Irlanda will try to stop Narathzul, as she reveals that Narathzul is her and Tealor Arantheal's son. Therefore, he cannot become the Shadow God. Due to not being able to bear what happened to her son, she committed suicide.


"Irlanda comes from Arazael, a continent in the south east of Vyn. She rules in Xarmonar, the temple of the Creators, where she consistently makes a contact with the Light-Beings Eliath. Xarmonar was overrun by troops from Nehrim when Erodan fell. The citizens rebuilt the city afterwards." (from The Gods)



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The Sins of our Fathers

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Into the Sky

Pickpocketed ItemsEdit

Impossible to pickpocket.

Items DroppedEdit

Impossible to loot.


There is a chapel dedicated to her in the realm of the Northrealm, namely Irlanda's Chapel . There, you receive a quest, If the mind is strong, then so is the body, in which you help the goddess.



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