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Hand to Hand is a combat skill which involves attacking enemies with fists. Unlike any other skill, there are no trainers available or other methods to improve the skills by investing learning points; also, unlike the other melee skills, hand to hand does benefit directly from training the Block skill to 50, which will increase recoil time of the attackers when blocking an attack.

The amount of damage dealt with fists is determined by strength and skill. It is unknown whether the total amount of fatigue increases damage as well.

Manual training[]

The only way to train hand to hand is by attacking enemies. This can be done with any creature found in Nehrim or anything summoned with the Conjuration skill. Whether the creature is summoned or found somewhere, the key is to increase the amount of hits before it dies. Damage can only be lowered by depleting the fatigue bar.

With conjuration, it can be trained nearly everywhere; whereas by finding creatures, an area must be picked where there is a lot of relatively weak enemies, such as Fold Valley. Find a creature which attacks swiftly and has predictable attacks, such as a Wolf or a Young Boar.

This method also requires some hammers for equipment and a reliable way to heal the character for a long time.

Advantages conjuration method[]

  • Training can be done virtually everywhere in a controlled environment, at the player's convenience and creature of choice.
  • No gain in experience points, thus able to train and gain perfect level ups (+5 to strength) if done right.
  • The summoned creature can sometimes be placed in spots where it is unable to attack the player character due to melee attack range.

Advantages finding creatures method[]

  • Able to gain experience points and other awards, especially when Hunting skills are unlocked.
  • Can be combined with exploring a certain area.

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