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General InformationEdit

In Nehrim, your travels can be easier with the aid of a mount. You can purchase a Donkey or a Horse. When you buy a horse a Horse Flute will appear in your inventory. You can summon your horse by using the flute, but you cannot call the horse into a dungeon or a building.

More on horses here: My Chestnut Horse, My Dappled Horse and My White Horse.

More on the donkey here: My Gray Donkey.

The MiddlerealmEdit

  • Giliad, you can buy a donkey from Fredo for 500gp.
  • Castle Stonefield you can buy a horse from Vivien The Horse Breeder for 3000gp and armour for your mount for 2000gp.

The NorthrealmEdit

There are no horses to buy here.

Mountain Monastery, there is a stable in front of the bridge but there are no NPCs to sell the horses. You can only steal the horses.

The SouthrealmEdit

There are no horses to buy here.


  • It is recommended to buy a horse in the Middlerealm, as later in the main story NPCs can ask you to use your horse and follow them riding a horse as well. Of course, you can walk on foot but with a horse it will be easier and faster.
  • If you attack your horse it will fight back.
  • Your horse can die but when you buy a new one you still get the horse armour.
  • If it happens that you have lost your donkey, he will travel back to Giliad . You can also use one of your teleportation spells and he will be teleported with you.

Your Horse Died


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