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Unlike in Oblivion, in Nehrim we can buy only one house.

Place: Erothin, Rigthteousness Plaza, Courthouse

Seller: Julius Homes Dealer

Price: 10,000

House description:

Julius offers a house in the most attractive Erothin district - Market Plaza. The house is only half new and its previous owner has recently vanished without a trace. The offer triggers a new quest line which starts as House in Erothin.




We can also own a castle but it is quest-related. Castle Darlan is located on the road east of Cahbaet.

You need to complete the main quest part The Liberation first in order to be granted the castle. After a while the castle will be restored along with a shop and a tavern outside.

You can find a teleporter platform and a Rune of Teleport Castle Darlan in your private chambers

Castle Darlan01
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