The Hunting skill is a skill which adds items to the hunted wildlife, which can't otherwise be gained or else be gained by trading. It does not give the player character access to new methods to kill, catch or find them. It does not have any governing attributes.

The skill can be developed by buying the six hunting books from Merchants, reading them and investing two Learning points for each book, thus 12 in total. When the specific skill is learned, the items are automatically added to the carcass in case the creature drops the item. A book can't be learned a second time to improve the amount of items gained.

Hunting books

This table explains what each book does and where it can be obtained. The prices mentioned in the table are the item values and as a result, the actual prices depends on the mercantile skill of the player character and the mercantile skill of the merchant. The more realistic price of each book is 750-900 gold pieces at the beginning of the game.

Title Description


Price31.png Weight01.png


Hunting Book (claw removal)


This book describes how to remove a creature's claws.

500 1,00


Hunting Book (heart removal)


This book describes how to cut a creatures heart out. 500 1,00


Hunting Book (Horn removal)


This book describes how to remove a creature's horn. 500 1,00


Hunting Book (skinning)


This book describes how to skin animals. 500 1,00


Hunting Book (talon removal)


This book describes how to remove a creature's talons. 500 1,00


Hunting Book (teeth extraction)


This book describes how to extract a creature's teeth. 500 1,00

Buying order

At the start of the game, when the books are expensive, the following order for buying the books leads to the best results:

  1. Skinning, many wolves, boars, mountain lions and some bears can easy to find and kill.
  2. Teeth extraction
  3. Talon removal
  4. Claw removal
  5. Horn removal (including tusks)
  6. Heart removal

Note: the developers might cause quite some confusion with talon and claw removal ability, as the ingredients gained with the skill are claws and claw, though their alchemy effects and item value and creatures are quite different. The talon ability adds the claws (one item), which can be removed from creatures which are quite common, such as wolves, Boars, bears, kobolds.

The claw removal ability adds the claw, which can be found on reptilian creatures such as Bone Crushers, Thunder Lizards, Plainstriders and Weak Gorgers.


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