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Bank-Lockbox keys[edit | edit source]


Lockbox Number Location Detailed description
111 Greed Bank - Erothin

Pick pocket the key off the main banker. Inside the 111 Vault is the business share for the Erothin Theater. You can also pick the lock on vault 111, it doesn't need a key.

122 Erothin, Wine Merchant, Apartment Enter the Wine Merchant (may need to break and enter) and walk up the spiral staircase to the Apartment. Key is on table opposite bookcase
212 Apple Horn Court , Dwelling Tower Head East along the road from Erothin till you reach Apple Horn Court. Enter Apple Horn Yard, Living Room and continue upstairs into the Dwelling Tower. Climb the stairs till you reach the very top of the tower. Key is on a side table behind a hard locked door in one of the room's corners.
221 Erothin, the Palace, Barateon's bedroom The key is located on Barateon's desk. The location is available during the A Mad Venture main quest.

Erothin, Harbour

Erothin Crypt

Near the entrance to the cathedral in Erothin, enter the crypt, the entrance is just to the right of the cathedral entrance. Head down the stairs, there will be a door on the right side of the room, kill the vengeful spirit, and you will find the key along with a very rare enchanted shield on an altar to Erodan.
1111 Erothin, Traveller's Tavern - Cellar As soon as you enter, take the first right, then straight through the first locked wooden door you see. In this room is a chest called "Publican Huberto's Chest". On the table at the other end of the room lies the key. (You can pickpocket Huberto's key to reduce need for lockpicks)
1112 Prince Galdor In Castle Ledur
1121 Greed Bank, Erothin In Key compartment on the wall, in the same room as where the key-list can be found
1211 Erothin, Art Gallery, Studio Enter Art Gallery and walk up stair case to the left into the Studio. Key is placed on main dining table.
1212 Tavern in front of Erothin Upstairs, on shelf above the bed
1221 Erothin, House The location is available during the quest Traces (side quest).
1222 Erothin, Court - Judge's House Hidden in locked wooden chest in far corner of room
2111 Cabhaet, House In "Haus" in Cabhaet, after the city is rebuilt, opposite the prison, right vom the iron ore mine
2112 Erothin, Duncan's Tin Cans Upstairs on small table near candles
2121 Gervasius' Estate The key is located on a shelf in the upper room (placed next to some books)
2122 Erothin, Liberius' Bookstore Key is located in Liberius' chest (the one behind where he stands)
2212 Greed Bank, Erothin In Key compartment on the wall, in the same room as where the key-list can be found
2221 Erothin, Big Farmer's House Upstairs there are two misc items, "Farmer's Strange Pumkin". Steal and Activate them (click in inventory) to find hidden items. (key is one of them)

This list was generated with the help of "Vault List of the Bank of Erothin", a book found inside the Bank which lists the number and owner of each vault in the bank. (minus a couple, Hence the "Unknown" and blank locations)

Quest Key[edit | edit source]


Name Found/Open Price31.png Weight01.png ID
Taranor's Key 0 0 001F3BCA.
Regina's Key 0 0
Key to Zerobilon 300 0
Coach Key 0 0
Bank-Lockbox Key: 2222 Key to your own lockbox. Just talk to the main banker to open it. 0 0
Mountain Camp Fortress Key 0 0
Reman's Key Take it from him while the "Der Kandidat bei der Stadtwache"-Quest 0 0
Left Gate Key 0 0
Key To The Storage Annex In Treomar 0 0
Isela's Key 0 0
Key To My House In Erothin Quest: "Bleibe in Erothin". Buy your house from Julius in the courtyard. 0 0
Morten's Mine Key Opens the Shadow Song Mine, upper entrance during the quest Under Siege . 0 0
0 0
0 0

Other Keys[edit | edit source]


Name Found/Open Price31.png Weight01.png ID
Ali's Key 0 0
Alma's Smith Key from Ostian 0 0
Amanda's Key 0 0
servant glon's key 0 0

Notes[edit | edit source]

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