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Learning points is the mechanic in the game which allows the player to improve the skills of the protanogist. Though skills can be improved by practising, with learning points, skills can be raised swiftly when a trainer is found in one or multiple skills, along with a steady amount of gold. Many instructors can improve one or two skills, while trainers in tree skills are uncommon. So far as known, only Teridan can provide training in four skills, which are all combat skills.

Spending learning points[]

Learning points can be invested in:

For every level in training, the player character needs 6 gold, multiplied by the level. At level 15 for example, 90 gold is needed to learn a level.

Gaining learning points[]

Learning points can be gained by:

  • increasing the level of the player character by gaining experience points. At level 2, ten points are earned. At every other level, seven points are learned.
  • by finding Textbooks, which can either by bought from specific characters, but most have them can be found at specific locations in the world.
  • by completing the side quest, Knowledge is superior to the sword, which requires to read a lot of books in the game.