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This guide should help players to maximise the attributes gain when they gain a level. The attribute raise for each level is between 3-15 points per level and each choicen attribute can be raised between 1-5 points each level up.

General tips for raising skills[]

  • The difficulty setting can be changed, depending on the skills which need training. If training in defensive skills is desired, such Block, heavy or light armour, in order to turn down the amount of damage received, move the difficulty slider to the left.
  • It should be other way around with skills such as Blunt, Destruction and Marksman to decrease damage inflicted, as long as the creature used for training, isn't capable of fighting back, because a higher difficulty slider increases the amount of damage they can deal to the player character.
  • As mentioned on many of the skills pages, Conjuration is a handy way to train combat skills in a controlled enviroment with an enemy of the player's choice virtually everywhere.
  • After increasing the level, take screenshots of all skills or write down the levels on a piece of paper. Keeping track of levels raises can be done by memory or writing the number of skill increases down, but due to reloading or crashes, those methods may not be reliable.
  • In case you aren't certain whether the skills of a certain attribute have been raised enough, save before gaining the last experience points. If it wasn't enough, then reload the save file.
  • The trainers will train any skill up to level 90 and no further. For those who have experienced Gothic II, the 89 + 5 = 94 or 89 + 10 = 99 trick won't work with any skill in this game. Do note that the level progress is carried over when a skill is increased with the assistance of a trainer. That way, a skill can be trained up to near level 91 in any skill.

Attribute raising[]

Whether raising an attribute is easy or hard, depends on the governing skills of an attribute. In this section, the difficulty of raising an attribute is explained for each.

  • Intelligence is the easiest attribute to raise, as it has five skills and the skills of Alchemy and Conjuration, are quite easy to train and the level increases of these skills can be controlled.
  • Endurance is the second attribute which can be raised with little effort, though the skill of Athletics is uncontrollable. The block skill can be trained with control, though it takes 20-30 minutes to increase it by about 8-10 level in the levels between 25-50.
  • Agility is of fairly easy to raise, as Marksman and Sneak can be raid in a controlled way. Security is difficult, because finding a lot of legal lockpickable doors is not easy. Acrobatics is bit uncontrollable
  • Strength is of moderate difficulty to raise, but if one skill is chosen for combat, the other two can be used for easy leveling if the +5 raise in Strength is desired.
  • Personality is more diffuclt than usual, as the attribute has two skills. Speechcraft can be trained by find a NPC adn then keeping the disposition of NPC at around 50 for example, whereas Mercantile can only be raised by selling and buying items or spells.
  • Wilpower is more diffuclt than usual, a the attribute has two skills, which can only be raised by casting quite some spells, which becomes more and more when the levels in the skills are increasing.
  • Speed is the most difficult attribute to train, because there is only the skill of Light armour to level for this attribute.
  • Luck can only be raised by one point each level up, but due to the availability of Fire Caps, there more than enough plants to find to raise one's luck to 100.

Attribute raising quests[]

There are a few quests which offer a permanent raise or bonus as a reward. These quests are:

  • The Scent of Divinity, which raises Personality by one point permanently.
  • Pilgrimage offers a permanent Fortify attribute bonus of 5 to Luck and 3 to Endurance.

Calculating the expected attribute raise for the next level[]

Skill increases Attribute increase
0 +1
1-4 +2
5-7 +3
8-9 +4
10 or more. +5

After a level is gained, write down the levels on piece of paper, or take screenshots of each skill. Then, play the game as desired and gain experience and increase skills, but save the controllable skills for later.

When the experience bar is about 75-90%, compare the current levels in the skills between the screenshots or notes. Then calculate the skills increases of a governing attribute and look up the attribute increase in the table on the right here. For some unknown reason, skill level ups from trainers don't count for the attribute increases when levelling up. Thus, subtract those level ups from the total increase of all skills for the specific attributes.

Gain the last experience needed to gain the level. In case potential skill increases in combat skills or other skills are undesired, the final experience could be gained by waiting to end quests (if the steps involved is reporting to the quest giver) until the level increases are gained, or do some Cooking, Smelthing, Magic symbol hunting which may also yield small amounts of experience.

Calculating the attribute raise: an example[]

In this example, the attribute Intelligence is used. It has five governing skills:

Destruction is level 50, but was 44 when the character gained level 17. But the trainer Magnus increased the level two times. Conjuration is 38, but it was 35 at the beginning. The Mysticism skill didn't increase yet and Illusion was increased three levels, but that skill was also raised with the aid of a trainer two times. So, can a raise in Intelligence of five points at level 18 be gained without training Alchemy?

The increase in all the governed skills is: +6, +3, +3 and the result is 12. But the trainers were responsible for four level ups in the skills, so the final skill increase is: 12 - 4 = 8, and the attribute could be increased by four points when level 18 is gained. Alchemy needs to be increased by two levels to gain +5 intelligence at lvl 18.

Learning points and trainers[]

Learning points can be used to gain levels, from the moment the player character leaves the Shadow Song Mine Site behind, right to level 90 if enough points are collected and the player has enough gold. While some increases in skills can be nice at the start, gaining levels at higher levels takes more time, and it becomes more difficult to increase the governing attribute later, especially if the attribute has two or only one skills it governs. The ideal situation to increase skills with the help of trainers is:

  • When the governing attribute is at score 100 or high enough.
  • When the skill comes at a point it's considered hard to raise, such as Athletics around level 40 or crafting, skill be can be used. It can be helpful to increase if it unlocks a new training method.