The skill of Light armour determines the amount of damage reduction of physical attacks and the movement speed of the character while wearing heavy armour. In this game, light armour is usually made of one material which covers the whole body part with either leather, fur, mail, or plates of lightweight metal. For all items related to this skill, see Light armour.

When compared to heavy armour, light armour has lower encumberance scores, has lower movement penalties and is usually less expensive to buy. Heavy does, usually at higher levels, provides more damage absorption and are losing durability less fast.

Manual training[edit | edit source]

The best way to train blocking is to find a creature or human who performs attacks frequently. Don't fight back until the desired armour level is achieved Fast and frequent attacking creatures are the Young Wolves and Boars, but Rats are the least vicious creatures.

The armour skill trained can be combined with Block training if physical attacks are blocked with the arms instead of a shield or a weapon. By decreasing the difficulty to its lowest point, the amount of damage inflict be reduced even more.

Trainers[edit | edit source]

If training is needed, the following trainers will improve Heavy armour for one learning point for each level at the following locations:

AthleticsBlockBladeBluntCraftingHand to HandHeavy armour
Crafting activities
BrewingCookingForgingMeltingMiningSharpeningTreasure hunting
AcrobaticsLight armourMarksmanMercantileSpeechcraftSneakSecurity
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