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Alchemy58 Alchemy - The art of creating potions
Apparatus58 Alchemy Apparatuses - Description of Alchemy Apparatuses
Aleffects58 Alchemy Effects - Quick list of alchemy effects
Almanac of Conjuration58 Almanac of Conjuration - Books that allows raising Conjuration
Enchantement58 Enchanting - Improve your own equipment
Ingredient58 Ingredients - List of ingredients with their effects
Maeffects58 Magical Effects - Description of effects available from spells, potions and scrolls
Items58 Magic Items - Description of items used for magic purposes
Magic58 Magic Overview - General information on using magic in Nehrim
Rune58 Magic Runes - List of magic runes with their effects
Potions58 Potions - List of potions with their effects
Scroll58 Scrolls - List of scrolls with their effects
Spell58 Spells - List of available spells
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