• I will grab Fate by the throat...
  • Prologue
  • Chapter I: The Road to Power
  • Chapter II:Time for Decisions

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Important! Please read!

Sometimes it might happen that the quest seems bugged and you are stuck unable to proceed further in the storyline. If it happens, please do the following:

  • Check the quest description if you are doing the quest as it should be (the guidelines here follow the scripts).
  • Do make sure that you are not using any cheats or mods not compatible with Nehrim. They have a tendency to break the game.
  • Load the game to a previous stage. It sometimes works, and the bug disappears.
  • Use the cosole commands to skip the problematic quest stage (they are listed in each seperate page about quests).
  • Finally, if nothing of the above comes to avail, contact the Nehrim Support forum, and do not forget to upload your savegame:



Shadow and ligh icon Shadow and Light

Act I: The Road to Power


Journey to Abbey Journey to the Abbey

(Includes: Work in the Mine , Karick's Helm Problem, Under Siege )
Journey to Abbey On to the Sanctum
The pigrimage main icon The Pilgrimage
A glance to the stars ico A Glance to the Stars
The path of the gifted icon The Path of the Gifted
The candidate of the icon The Candidate of the City Guard
Critical discharge icon Critical Discharge
Into the forsaken country icon Into the Forsaken Country
Encounter icon Encounter

Act II: A Time for Decisions


The escape icon The Escape
In safe ahnds icon In Safe Hands
The ruinsof treomar icon The Ruins of Treomar
In te underworld icon In the Underworld
Daring the sortie icon Daring the Sortie
A mad venture icon A Mad Venture

Act III: One will Fall


The chainsof the deep icon The Chains of the Deep

Soul of the sword icon Soul of the Sword

The leader returns icon The Leader Returns
The liberation icon The Liberation
The chancellor's fate icon The Chancellor's Fate
The forgotten fortress icon The Forgotten Fortress

Act IV: The Beginning of the End


Journey into madness icon Journey into Madness
Unexpected difficulties icon Unexpected Difficulties
Search in ruin icon Search in Ruins
Inside the lion's den icon Inside the Lion's Den
Getting out icon Getting out!
The professional icon The Professional
Shots for freedom icon Shots for Freedom
The decisive moment icon The Decisive Moment
Impotenceof the almighty icon Impotence of the Almighty

Act V: The Destination of Fate


The help of the fallen icon The Help of the Fallen
The sins of our fathers icon The Sins of our Fathers
Into the sky icon Into the Sky
Hope at the end icon Hope at the End of the World
Hope at the end icon At Fate's Edge

The Shadow God


Icon nq00b The Halls of Shadow
Icon nq00b The Stone in the Ruins
Icon nq00b The Stone at the Pirates
Icon nq00b The Stone of the Juggler
Icon nq00b The Task of Fathoming
Icon nq00b In the Jail of Souls
Icon nq00b Sustain or Destruction
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