On this page, the reader can find maps of all locations and an interactive map.

Maps[edit | edit source]


Nehrim interactive map with spoiler link to show all locations. https://sureai.net/hp/map/nehrim/

In Game Map[edit | edit source]

Note: this are the places found so far with the Patch (EN). Any new information is welcome.

To have a full size of the maps below click 'View Photo Details' in the right bottom corner:

Cities, Villages and taverns[edit | edit source]

Nehrim Cities, Villages and taverns

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Camps[edit | edit source]

Nehrim Camps

Note: Dragmore Ruins, Fortress of Pandorn and Ghost Shadow Ruin are marked like Camps.

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Caves[edit | edit source]

Nehrim Caves

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Fortress[edit | edit source]

Nehrim Fortress

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Mines[edit | edit source]

Nehrim Mines

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Ruins[edit | edit source]

Nehrim Ruins

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Shrines[edit | edit source]

Nehrim Shrines

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Special Places[edit | edit source]

Nehrim Special places

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Arktwend[edit | edit source]

Nehrim Arktwend

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Unmarked places[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

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