Marksman or marksmanship, determines the effectiviness of bow and arrow weapons, with higher score resulting in higher damage for the both. It's useful for taking out enemies in stealth missions and it's the only way to poison enemies from far away. For a list of all weapons governed by this skill, see:

Manual training[edit | edit source]

The only way to train marksmanship is by attacking enemies. This can be done with any creature found in Nehrim or anything summoned with the Conjuration skill. Whether the creature is summoned or found somewhere, key is to increase the amount of hits before it dies.

Decreasing damage can be done by lowering the durability of the bow by blocking, until level 50 or shooting targets, but the latter method takes more time. The fatigue should be kept as low as possible, but marksmanship doesn't require large amounts of fatigue, thus another method should be considered, or this aspect should be neglected. By shooting the arrow before the bow is fully drawn, does reduce damage, but the range as well. Also use iron arrows, which are the weakest arrow.

With conjuration, it can be trained nearly everywhere, but the enemy should be made of bone or stone complete, such as skeletons, because else, all arrows are lost when the creature returns to the realm it came from. The arrows will be all over the place, as they bounce in any direction.

By finding creatures, an area must be picked with where there a lot of relatively weak enemies, such as Fold Valley. Find a creature, which attacks swiftly and has predictable attacks, such as a Wolf or a Young Boar. Make the creature hostile and continue blocking the attacks, until the durability of the training weapons is low (20 or below that). Then start making a pin cushion of the creature. If the creature is made of flesh, only half of the used arrows can be retreived afterwards.

Trainers[edit | edit source]

If training is needed in this skill, trainers can be found at the following locations in the world:

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