Books[edit | edit source]

Name/Title Editor ID Type Translation Notes Finished
Administrative documents (1) FarnfeldBuch2 content in German
Administrative documents (2) FarnfeldBuch3 content in German
Administrative documents from November to December FarnfeldBuch content in German
Alte Note FarnfeldSrge03
Arantheal's diary Arantheal’s Diary current (wiki) translation is unusable
Arrangement check translation
Avenzin's Words Volume I translation needs to be improved
Bericht aus Fort Marris
Bericht BuchNexusBerichte
Buch des Steuereintreibers = Gabor
Der Seelenschmied current (wiki) translation is unusable
Der wahre Tempelist! current (wiki) translation is unusable
Die Tyrannei der Lichtgeborenen
Divine Command Kettle Mountains, Gate (untranslated content)
Dreckiger Zettel NotizDesTotenInsel
Dusty leaflet FarnfeldNotiz3 content in German
Dusty List FarnfeldNotiz4 content in German
Dusty List FarnfeldNotiz5 Dusty Note: Buy gift for Gebor's newborn. incorrect translation
Flaschenpost NQDieWahenMeisterFlaschenpost
Gesucht wird nach Dorian van Boddenbruuk
Hathiers Tagebuch current (wiki) translation is unusable
Instruction: Sun sword Instruction: Sun Sword
Irlandas visions current (wiki) translation is unusable
Lehrerliste Bergkloster
Lehrerliste Cahbaet
Lehrerliste Erothin Erothin, Ricos Goods Of All Kind
Lehrerliste Mittelreich Erothin, Ricos Goods Of All Kind
Lehrerliste Ostian
Letter FarnfeldNotiz2 content in German
Letter FarnfeldNotiz6 content in German
List FarnfeldNotiz Display copy. Do not touch! incorrect translation
Löse deine Qual
Magic is not evil! MagieverbotNotiz02 content in German
Mystery of Tirmatral, retold check translation
Note Fortress/Fort Suran
Note (5) WorldItemAmanfeste
Notiz des Alchemisten
Notiz des Kriegers
Old Note FarnfeldSrge01 content in German
Old Note FarnfeldSrge02 content in German
Ondusi's Key (easy) Ondusi: Elder Scrolls Lore?!
Ondusi's Key (Standard) Ondusi: Elder Scrolls Lore?!
Pergament WorldItemGoldgraeber01
Poison List for The Temple check translation
Solve your agony empty
Sven plate Klauer
Teacher List! Erothin, Ricos Goods Of All Kind
The Outcasts of Ostian improve translation (him->them)
The Three Stones - Jor The first stone -> The second stone
The Three Stones - Dar The first stone -> The third stone
The tyranny of the Light-Born The Tyranny of the Light-Born
Writing of the wineries Writing of the Wineries
Memo of the carbonized person current (wiki) translation is unusable
Poem for Barateon current (wiki) translation is unusable
Information about the state fortune restriction authority current (wiki) translation is unusable
Dark Poems current (wiki) translation is unusable
Barateon's poem current (wiki) translation is unusable
Parchment some of them apparently need reviewing

Game messages[edit | edit source]

Name/Title Editor ID Type Translation Notes Finished
+ 6000 EP + 8000 EP Quest NQGER01, Result Script Quest Stage 60
Arkanstones Arkan Stones LoadScreen Generic47
Der Dieb ist Euch entkommen. The thief was able to escape. Script: MQ05NarelScript, Line 92
Euch geht die Luft aus! underwater
Eure Luft wird knapp! underwater
Eure Tragkraft ist um +10 gestiegen. Potion of Encumbrance
I found the runes and can bring them back to the Citadel of Shadows I found the rune and can bring it back to the Citadel of Shadows MQ36s01 Stage 45
Ihr benötigt mehr magische Fähigkeiten. appears when clicking a rune that is too high a level
You now can execute the fith [sic] magic rank You now can execute the sixth magic rank! Lvl 34 -> 35
You successfully harvest Seewurz. Lakeroot
Sichere Truhe (Lagerplatz für Gegenstände) In the throne room, Halls of the Shadow Gods

Creatures[edit | edit source]

Name/Title Editor ID Type Translation Notes Finished
--- NQ15Enemy01 - NQ15W02EnemyPlaceHolder

unnamed creatures - used in game?

Temporary location for monsters in Advanced Tower Defense (not playable cell) you can delete this

Aal AalDead
Antoinette Bodenbruuk AntoinetteBoddenbruuk Antoinette Boddenbruuk?
Arkanakolyt 38ArkanaAkolyt
Astan the drunkard AstanDerSufer Astan the Drunkard
Ausschenker Jor AusschenkerJor
Baderin Regina BaderinRegina
Barde BardeBurgErothin Bard
Big Maleater Summon3DunklerMalfresser
Burning Body VerbranntesWesen
Burning Body VerbranntesWesenWiederbelebung
Der Quetscher Bossriese Not used in game
Diseased deer 50Meeresungeheuer Diseased Deer
Fighting dog ArenaFighter14BYellow
Fighting dog ArenaFighter16BBlue
Fremdartiges Wesen NQ15Wesen Alien Entity
Hill Giant White01 Test00PTGiant01 Not used in game
Hill Giant White01 Test00PTGiant02 Not used in game
Korius the lonely 24KoriusDerEinsame Korius the Lonely
Lord Marzael 40UNILordMarzeal Lord Marzeal?
Nasty Kobolt
Piraten-Skelettschütze 30SkelettSchutzePirat
Prince Meldorn 44UNIMelborn Prince Melborn?
Sea monster ArenaSpecialBoss03
Sick brown bear ArenaFighter19AYellow
Skelett SkelettDeadGeisterbaum
Small Maleater Summon2KleinerMalfresser
Soullight MQ38Seelenlicht

MQ34Seelenlicht = Soul Light (!) - difference?

The Soul Light are found in Obsidian Fortress, Vault Of Soul Excoration

Spectral Ckawchopper 30SpektralerKlauenhauer Spectral Clawchopper?
The Astrologer 60Sternenforscher The Astronomer?
The Sacrifial Master 38UNIDerOpfermeister The Sacrificial Master
Tower Lord Malock Turmherr Halock?!
Untoter Pirat 30SkelettPirat01 Old Pirate Fort
Untoter Pirat 30SkelettPirat02
Untoter Skelettschütze Old Pirate Fort
Young lynx Young Lynx

NPCs[edit | edit source]

Name/Title Editor ID Type Translation Notes Finished
--- Besitzer
Archseraph Arazdor ErzseraphimArazdor Arch Seraph?
Ausschenker Jor
Baderin Regina
Big Farmer Grossbauer better: Wealthy Farmer?
Cook ErothinTurmwache06 Turmwache (Tower Guard) = Cook?!
High Hoher High One MQ38HoherScript!
Julius Homes Dealer Julius Julius the Home Dealer
Korn The Brewer KornderBraumeister Korn the Brewer
Schmelzer Joachim
Sortan the beggar Sortan the Beggar
Tanzlisel TanzliselOstian
The Applesmuggler
Toruk der Sprachgewandte
Wirt Brom

Names of places[edit | edit source]

Name/Title Editor ID Type Translation Notes Finished
Anku üRMine Entrance Anku - Mine Entrance world map (local map: ok)
Creator's Shrine üRThe (1st-7th) Proclamation (7x) Creator's Shrine - The ..
Crypta of Daromith DaromithtempelGruftPart02 Crypt of Daromith DaromithtempelGruftPart01+Part02: "Daromith Gruft"
Darius Temple (Darius Tempel)
Dunkles Loch Seventh Island
Erothin, Ricos Goods Of All Kind Erothin, Rico's Goods Of All Kind
Tenzos' Heros of all Sorts GiliadHaus02 Tenzos' Sundries for Heroes Giliad, Tenzos Heldenallerlei
Herabgefallenes Sternenschiff world map
Iron Fire Hall, Lower Hall Iron Fire Halls, Lower Hall
Iron Fire Hall, Smeltery Iron Fire Halls, Smelter
Jammerthal Shack
Kontantin's Restoration Spells Konstantin's Restoration Spells
Malogo's Magic Malogos' Magic NPC name: Malogos!
Manag Crypt Telsa Mana Crypt Of Tesa E of Furtsanden
Sarnor, Taverna, Upper Level Sarnor, Tavern, Upper Level
Small Cave (Kleine Höhle)
Svens Secret Dance Club. Sven's Secret Dance Club
West Tower The Southern Tower SW of Treomar. "West Tower" on world map, "The Southern Tower" on doors + local map
Hidden Temple (Main) (Verborgene Tempelanlage)
Forgotten Temple Complex (Vergessene tempelanlage)
Lost Temple complex (Verschollene tempelanlage)
Hidden Temple (Versteckte tempelanlage)

Various (Activators, Containers, Misc. Items)[edit | edit source]

Name/Title Editor ID Type Translation Notes Finished
Dry Schlingsträucher The Desert in The Southrealm, (ingr: Ginseng)
Fire Ruby 3Feuerrubin Fine Fire Ruby
Ice Sapphire 3Eissapphir Fine Ice Sapphire
Life Ruby 3Lebensrubin Fine Life Ruby
Mana Sapphire 3Manasaphir Fine Mana Sapphire
Perfect Mortar 6BuyPerfectionMoerser Perfect Mortar & Pestle
Plattform Meerestor
Rune Teleport - Zitadelle der Schatten (2x) Halls of the Shadow Gods, Almanac room
"Burden" effect It was in German, but I can't remember what it was called.
Seewurz Lakeroot "Lakeroot" before harvesting?
Sichere Truhe (Lagerplatz für Gegenstände) Halls of the Shadow Gods, Forge
Sichere Truhe (Lagerplatz für Gegenstände) Halls of the Shadow Gods, Blood Fountain room
Skurtes HausschlüRsel
Steuerpult in Star Ship, Bridge
Truhe 00InselTruhe01, 00Truhewueste1, Truhe01insel, Truhe02Gold05insel
Uraltes Gefäß Iron Fire Hall, Smeltery
Verschlossene Tür (multiple) The Old Pirate Fort
Vynwurz Vynroot (=Nirnroot)
Vynwurz Plant Vynroot difference to Vynwurz?

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Name/Title Editor ID Type Translation Notes Finished
Aeterna-Dagger Aeterna Dagger
Aeternak Warhammer Aeterna Warhammer
Das Metzgermesser
Lethal Gem arrow Lethal Gem Arrow
Magierfluch-Pfeil EncArrow8DaedricSilenceArea unused
Pfeil d. klirr. Frosts EncArrow4DwarvenFrostArea unused
Pfeil der Nordwinde EncArrow5ElvenFrostArea unused
Pfeil der Opferung EncArrow6GlassFireArea unused
Pfeil des Sturmangriffs EncArrow7EbonyShockArea unused
Schneller Stahl
Steel Longbow of Nährung
Sturmruf-Pfeil EncArrow5ElvenShockArea unused

Armor, Clothing[edit | edit source]

Name/Title Editor ID Type Translation Notes Finished
Alessia's Battle Hymn Two different versions. One version is the Avenzin set in German
Darius' Kopf
Exil's Robe Exile's Robe
Sturmband Necklace
Zauberdurchwirkter Gehstock
Zerobilons Robe Zerobilon Robe (?)

Dialogues[edit | edit source]

Name/Title Editor ID Type Translation Notes Finished
Team Spirit check dialogue options: translation still incorrect?

empty default table[edit | edit source]

Name/Title Editor ID Type Translation Notes Finished
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