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At first, Moriane seems like a regular unfriendly Middlerealm peasant. She lives on an unmarked farm south of the Pirate's Cave . Behind the farm are a few sheep and two graves. The door to her farm is locked (very hard), but luckily Moriane has a key to the door. To take it, the player can either pickpocket her or kill her.

Her house is just a regular house with nothing of real value in it. But when the player gives it a better look, there appears to be a basement. That's where things get freaky. In the basement is a zombie, and a few dead human bodies and odd banners. In a small room are various kinds of meat, together with a few sausages of unidentified meat. This leads to the conclusion that Moriane in fact murders people and makes meat from their bodies. This also explains the graves in her garden. As far as I'm aware, Moriane is not part of a quest and some sort of sick but funny easter egg.


Moriane's House

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