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Basic Statistics
Level 15
Health 151
Race Aeterna1
Class Thief
Gender Male
Essential Yes
BaseID -
RefID -

We encounter Narel for the first in Reman's House during the The Candidate of the City Guard main quest. He is a thief, but, according to his words-rather out of necessity than his choice. He is of the Aeterna race thus persecuted and unjustly treated by the dominant human races. He lost his family and home in the war and now he has to earn his living by stealing. In return for sparing his life he offers to show us a secret and leads us to his hideout - Thieves' den.



On your way to Erothin gate during the main quest The Chancellor's Fate you will encounter Narel, who will be particularly proud of Narahtzul's rise to power. According to Narel, Aeterna finally are no longer oppresed but they have become the oppressors themselves, the ones with power.


While Narel is leading you through Erothin Sewers during The Chancellor's Fate quest, he notices a group of Chancellor's soldiers, his former oppressors. Narel seems eager to avenge every Aeterna that suffered their unjust treatment and ambush the guards. At this point you either choose to allow Narel to give vent to his negative emotions and take his revenge on the former tormentors or persuade him to forgive his opponents and spare their lives. You are presented with the following choices:

1. 'You shall have your revenge, attack!'

Effect: Narel shouts 'An eye for an eye' and attacks the soldiers.

2. ' You will be no better than them'

Effect: Narel admits that there is some truth in what you say. By attacking them he would only degrade himself and his honour. He will agree to sneak past them ( he activates sneak mode) and will defend himself only if they attack first.

Whatever your choice is, this decision is purely moral and does not affect the storyline.


Other notesEdit

  • If Narel's life is spared he makes an appearance in later main quest.
  • If you decide to kill Narel you will earn an achievement 'Law and Order'.
  • If you decide not to kill Narel you will earn an achievement 'Thieves' Friend' .
  • Should you end Narel's life you can find the unique Amulet "Insignia of Erothin", which grants +3 to strength and +4 to restoration on his corpse.