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Oblivion and Nehrim Main Differences

Nehrim is not simply a mod, it is a total conversion of Oblivion: a complete new game with a new map and lore totally unrelated to Oblivion.


  • NO fast travel. However, you can have a horse (or donkey!) to help you or you can use Teleport.
  • The game is set on a continent called Vyn.
  • World exploration does have sense as you can collect Magic Symbols or various Armour Sets.
  • A Safe Storage Chest with infinite capacity is placed in every minor or major city.
  • No level scaling. There are considerable differences in levelling.


  • The Main Quest is much more both dynamic and complicated than in Oblivion.
  • There are really surprising moments!
  • Until almost the end of the game you are not sure who is your friend or foe. The main quest makes you suspicious of almost every main character who plays a significant role in the main quest.
  • The main quest is divided into separate acts.
  • Main quest completion takes about 50 hours.
  • Some Side Quests are really difficult to find.
  • There are no quest markers to every quest ! You will sometimes need to explore the land thoroughly to find something or someone.


Skills and Attributes
  • There are plenty of significant differences in Skills and Attributes.
  • Be sure to check the governing attributes as they differ from those in Oblivion.
  • There is no Conjuration Magic Skill in Nehrim. (Conjuration was added with patch 1.5)
  • You can raise your Skills by learning from Trainers (you need money as well as Learning points to do it) or by equipping certain enchanted Items.
  • Luck Attribute and Encumbrance limit can be raised by special Unique plants that can be found scattered somewhere in the land of Nehrim.
  • There are also Hunting Skills in Nehrim.
  • Some Special Magic abilities can be acquired during some quests.
Classes and Races
  • Nehrim has three playable new races, each of them has its own unique features as well as history.
  • You choose the class not at the beginning of the game but during one of the main quests.
  • The classes (birthsigns) provide you with some Greater Power Spells and some spells called Stances. All of them are unique for each separate class.


  • You can earn plenty of achievements. No bonuses for them, but earning them may be a challenge!
  • Diseases can be cured by taking a bath, using an appropriate spell or drinking a special potion.
  • Those who enjoy crafting will probably find themselves occupied by crafting some elements quite frequently.
  • For quite a long time you will not be allowed to use magic in the Middlerealm Cities due to the Magic Prohibition law.
  • To cast some powerful spells you will need Arcane Stones.
  • To cast Teleportation Spells you will need Teleport Runes.
  • No Conjuration spells. (Conjuration was added with patch 1.5)



  • Definitely more varied creatures than in Oblivion.
  • There are plenty of only quest-related creatures.
  • No Daedric creatures, as they do not apply to Nehrim lore.
  • A number of unique bosses that can be encountered in most explorable dungeons, mines, etc.
  • Some animals drop elements that can be obtained only if you have appropriate Hunting Skill.


  • Unlike in Oblivion, people and main characters are full of emotions and act spontaneously, just like human being do.
  • You will have definitely more companions to accompany you on your travels or help you with some missions than in Oblivion.
  • Maybe a secret admirer will accompany you... :)


  • The areas in Nehrim are far more varied than in Oblivion; Actually, in Nehrim you have three main realms: The Middlrealm (capital: Erothin), The Northrealm (capital: Cahbaet), The Southrealm (capital: Ostian)
  • Only a few main cities, but they are really huge and impressive.
  • You cannot have a house in every city.
  • Dangerous Dungeons are unique, explorable places that are really challenging.
  • A list of places can be found here. Each place is unique.


  • There are a variety of services offered in Nehrim ranging from simple skill upgrade (which requires money as well as learning points) to taking a bath or depositing some money in a bank account.