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Upon threats from the simple lap of the world,
Not a high caste unclean, in blood,
A god of the shadow, Tel'Imaltath, awake.

To create the balance his existence is justified,
His goal to defeat the Most High will be.
Creating a balance, for the good of all,
Disregarding the victims, their value is low.

Not for evil will he argue,
Not to good will he yield;
There are two brothers, their hands are reaching,
A shadow and a light, neither in opposition.

On blood and ashes he will build
The rule of man, sublime and free;
The work, completed, received splendid,
Until the true ruler calls toll.

One is still needed to achieve the goal
Fallen is the helper called.
Although trickery and cunning failed
The worlds healing will be his betrayal.

Such a storm in the Battle of the latest dispute,
Conjuring the storm that will destroy
And Tel'Imaltath, Shadow Messenger, sole purpose.