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  • Lots of Kobolds
  • Cogs
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Full of strange rooms and lined with pipes, machinery, and rotating cogs, the Secret SureAI Facility (map marker Strange Cave) is one of the Easter Eggs left in by the creators of the game. You'll also find plenty of Kobolds to fight, as well as a chance to fight the secret Killer Chicken boss.


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The hatch is well-hidden at the bottom of the river between Mahrnitz and Norfolbruch. There are two underwater lanterns directly above the hatch.

Rooms Edit

Main Room Edit


The entrance is a large area full of kobolds with a few rotating cogs on the wall. There are three paths from the entrance leading to various rooms in the cave.

Cog Room Edit


A large balcony off the main room faces an abyss full of red and blue rotating cogs.

Chicken Test Room Edit


This room is lit with green light and full of motionless chickens.

Stool Tower Room Edit


The sole decoration in this room is a large tower of stools. There are thirteen stools in the tower, which is very unlucky.

Wanted Poster Room Edit


This room's walls are covered with wanted posters. It is very dark, so you may want to use a torch or a Light spell / potion to see them

Dennis' Room Edit


In this room are a number of decorations like crystals, miniature buildings, decorative flags, and a large red painting on the wall. Interacting with the painting gives the player a tip to 'show it their arrows' (shoot it with a bow & arrow). Comply with its instructions at your peril, for it will spawn the Killer Chicken (and cause a hole to open in the middle of the room).

Simon's Room Edit


In this room are five pedestals on an elevated stage. Four hold generic books; the fifth and center pedestal holds up a Magic Symbol.

Trebron's Room Edit


In the middle of the room, there is a cage hanging from the ceiling (named 'Shovel Cage') along with a switch. Pressing the switch will raise the cage to reveal a skeleton hand holding up a small shovel.





Special Loot

  • Magic Symbol


  • Honey (2)


Notes Edit

The three named rooms (after Dennis, Simon, and Trebron) are named after their creators - various members of the SureAI team. Each room door states which of the three it belongs to.

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