The Sneak skill determines the chance of success when pickpocketing a target, the odds to move stealthy around and the critical hit multiplier of performing an stealth attack. The Sneak skill plays an important role in stealth, but the environment is more important.

Sneaking tips[edit | edit source]

  • If the player character hasn't reached the journeyman level, the weight will affect stealth effectiveness. No boots or light armor boots are more effective than boots made of heavy metal.
  • Being in the shadows, does increase stealth.

Sneak combat[edit | edit source]

Of the one-handed weapons, the mace is the weapon with the highest damage rating. Power attacks during sneak deal the same amount of damage and two-handed weapons won't receive a critical hit multiplier.

Manual training[edit | edit source]

Like the skill of Athletics, sneak can also be trained away-from-keyboard with autowalk. With the default controls, autowalk can be activated by pressing Q and by pointing the camera to the inside of a corner, the character will stay in its place while moving. Except from athletics, there must be NPC's around, so a good location without opening/closing hours for training is an inn.

Trainers[edit | edit source]

If training is needed in this skill, one kind find the following trainers who train it at 2:1 level/learning points ratio in the following places:

AthleticsBlockBladeBluntCraftingHand to HandHeavy armour
Crafting activities
BrewingCookingForgingMeltingMiningSharpeningTreasure hunting
AcrobaticsLight armourMarksmanMercantileSpeechcraftSneakSecurity
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