Speechcraft is a stealth skill which allows the player character to let NPC's like or trust him/her and sometimes revealing information that wouldn't be gained otherwise. Disposition is also needed to getting better prices when making deals.

Minigame[edit | edit source]

The minigame is rather straightforward. The player has the option to choose Boast, Coerce, Admire or Joke during each round. The larger the wedge is, the larger the effect will be for disposition. The preferences for the four option for each NPC is different and each NPC will either Love, Like, Displeased or Hate the four options. The wedge allocation changes after a round is completed, thus player has to make compromise on some rounds.

To increase disposition, the largest wegde have to be selected for options the NPC likes or loves, while it should be other way round for the option of displeased or hate. The first round should be used to see the facial expression of all options when the mouse hovers over them. A large smile is put on when the NPC loves the option, while the player receiver an angry stare if the NPC doesn't like it. Like or displeased are sometimes difficult to detect. If not sure, see if the expression improves two times when selecting other option. Then its certain that it's displeasing facial expression.

When you approach an NPC with drawn weapon, the disposition will be ten points lower, until the weapon is sheathed. This can be used to increase the disposition beyond the maximum when the player make an attempt to increase their relation with them.

Manual training[edit | edit source]

The skill can be trained by playing the minigame. This can be done by selecting random wedges as fast as possible. In case the disposition is near the current maximum, start another round of the minigame, let the time pass by in order to decrease disposition. Small or long breaks can be taken in the meanwhile. Rinse and repeat until the desired level in Speechcraft is gained.

Trainers[edit | edit source]

Increasing this skill with the help of trainers can be done at 2:1 levels/Learning points ratio, at the following locations:

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