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About the Team

SureAI stands for Sure Artificial Intelligence.

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The Team first met in the fall of 2003 and constantly develops mods for computer games since then.
When founded, SureAI consisted of several Teams and Modding communities who in 2005 decided to affiliate under the name SureAI.

After developing 2 Total conversions for Morrowind (done by two separate Teams), SureAI began planning Nehrim in April 2005. In March 2006 they started working on the actual game. The development of Nehrim was finished in March 2010 and the game was finally released on June, 11 2010 after a closed beta phase.


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Released Mods

  • 2005 Myar Aranath
  • 2006 Arktwend

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  • 2009 Cube Experimental
  • 2010 Nehrim
  • 2016 Enderal

Announced unreleased Mods

  • Surveillance

    Banner 2008

Surveillance was meant to be an Multiplayer game based on the Crysis engine announced in January 2008. It is no longer being developed.

  • Nehrim Online

Since April 2008 SureAI worked on an Browser game named Nehrim Online. The development is paused and unlikely to be continued


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