• Svens Secret Dance Club
  • WOW!
  • It's him!Go to Dance Club
  • One...
  • Two...
  • Three!
  • Let's dance
  • He,he
  • One more time
  • Sweet babes

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Line625 When walk inside you affront deafening modern music and blinking lights. Place full of dancers and Sven like DJ. He is the guy from Wanted Poster who finally find the place to exhibit their Silver and Metal Plates. Sven is otherwise member of Sure AI team.

In the middle of a desert, a guy named Sven runs an illegal danceclub. As the DJ, Sven attracts many visitors looking for a medieval rave party. The place is lit by color-changing crystals. Alexa sells beverages to keep everybody happy and make the party last all night (and day).


Situated on the west part of Southrealm Desert on the coast, west of Pestel's Alchemy Laboratory.



  • Barter

Items FoundEdit

  • 20 Beer
  • 15 Metal Plate
  • 15 Silver Plate


Coordinates for Map marker: TechnoDanceClub (-21, -30)


Items foundEdit



Just one room.

Cell name: Sven's Secret Dance Club - Editor ID: SvensGeheimerTanzClub


Svens Secret Dance Club location

Svens Secret Dance Club location


Sven is known for stealing plates, and has a crate full of all sorts of plates next to him. It is assumed that the plates are substitutes for LP's DJ's normally use for spinning.

It is NOT RECOMMENDED to go inside when you have a history of epilepsy. The dance floor features a lot of flashes, and will most likely cause a headache.

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