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Teleporting in Nehrim is not the same as Oblivion or other such games. Here you need the spell in your spell book (for example Teleport: Giliad), enough magica to use it, you must have been to that location or close by (as the spells or spell runes you find are always close by or at the location) and have a teleport rune in the inventory.

To cast the spell, simply choose the teleportation spell you want to use (for example Teleport: Giliad) and cast it, like any other spell (use C).. If you have a teleport rune, it will automatically be removed from your inventory. If you don't have the rune, the spell will fail. Teleport spells can't be used during combat.

Teleport Rune[]

Teleport Rune.jpg
Price31.png 75
Weight01.png 0,50
ID 001BF020

Teleporter runes can be purchased from many merchants.

Who sells spells or spell runes?[]

Where are these spell runes?[]

  • Salen: In grave close by teleporter platform. Or the Priest in the chapel will sell you the rune (not the spell).
  • Castle Darlan (gained during MQ): In master bedroom
  • Sea Gate: Dig it up from a mound surrounded by stink caps on a small island south of The Gold Mine in the south realm
  • Zerobilon: last level of the dungeon

Does not have a teleport platform[]


  • The teleport won't work when you're using God Mode. That's because with God Mode activated the stone will not be removed from your inventory and the script for teleportation only works when the stone is removed.