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The Conductor is one of the Star People who is charge of the Soul Train. Surprised as he was at your arrival and still being alive, he still wants you to to join the ranks of the dead awating their journey to the underworld. Only when he notices you holding the Star Map does he change his priorities and decides to change the final destination of the Soul Train. Your audience with the King becomes a matter of real urgency as it navigate his people to their home planet, what is their lifelong dream.


Daromith Mine


He regards 'surface' people as greedy for power and always at war with their fate. He is aware of your intentions for reaching the surface with the help of his people, yet he is not willing to give you a hand unless you provide his people with the Star Map.

The Soul TrainEdit

The Soul Train maintaints the perfect balance tin the whole land of Nehrim as it transports souls to the unfathomable depths of the underworld so that they can reborn. This cycle keeps everything in harmony.



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