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The Dark Forest is level 30-45 zone in the game. Characters of lower levels can enter it still, but the combatants of this zone are dangerous, even more so to underleveled characters. If travelling through this wood, its recommended to do so during daylight hours. The forest is true to its name when the evening sets in. Though a torch or Light spell can give some light, the viewing distance is still limited.

Recommended Level

Due to the Main Quest, this place will probably have to be visited way earlier than the user player can get the recommended level of at least 20.


It's a large area that begin east of Treomar and follow the road to the North till the lake where is situated Ruin of Naradoth. The place is surrounded by steep rock cliffs. This is the reign of dead and undead, deseased animals of several types roam the area.


Notable Places



Ghost Rider Lazael with the companion Ghost Horse


Ghost Rider Lazael with horse.jpg

  • Diseased Wolves
  • Skeleton Mages
  • Undead (Zombies)
  • Golems



Special Loot Several inside the area.

Loot Too much to list in here.


Dark Forest 11.jpg
Dark Forest 05.jpg



  • For unknown reasons, the game suffers from extreme lag (down to 2 FPS) in the Dark Forest area when light/magic effects are active and Distant Land is enabled. So, when you are figthing off an enemy and using magic, you will find it difficult to move in the area. Therefore, in order to cross the Dark Forest, it is strongly advised to switch off Distant Land. To do so, the quickest way is through the console. Open the console with "~" and type "tll". To turn distant land back on, repeat.
  • You can read some litetature about this place: The Dark Forest Mystery.