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The Gods[edit | edit source]


The Gods of Vyn, an overview Teran Meldas

The Gods of our world are Light-Born. Their mission is to lead humanity and to protect them from corruption of magic and darkness. The Light-Born have the town of Inodan as their centre of power, a town which is located in the centre of the world on a high mountain which goes up into the clouds. Here they control the fate of the whole world.
Don't listen to those who say the rule of the Gods is unfair. Humans are a naive, quite masochistic folk needing guidance and power at their sides. The hour shall come when the Gods stand over everything.

Tyr is the most wise and most powerful of Gods. His former sovereign palace was Tyrat, in the realm of Tirmatal. He has taken on the duty to protect humanity from corruption by magic and is the commander of the divine army of the seraphim stationed in Inodan..

Erodan was the guardian and ruler of the realm Nehrim, one of the largest continents of humans. Here he had the town of Erothin built from which he watched over the lands. According to legends, the town of Erothin was built at the place where the God Erodan destroyed the first Shadow God, aeons ago.

Irlanda comes from Arazael, a continent in the south east of Vyn. She rules in Xarmonar, the temple of the Creators, where she consistently makes a contact with the Light-Beings Eliath. Xarmonar was overrun by troops from Nehrim when Erodan fell. The citizens rebuilt the city afterwards.

Malphas is the lord of the Halls of Guardians. The Halls of Guardians are on the faraway little group of islands called Myar. The Guardians are the right hand and the inquisition of the Gods. Their mission is to find destructive prophecies and to destroy them in order to choke off appearances of misled prophets.

Esara lives in the cloud city of Inodan where she takes care of the preservation of the divine council. In the first war against the Light-Born he helped capture Narathzul Arantheal and thus prevented his conquering of Inodan. Esara was also the mother of the God Erodan, who she conceived together with the Norman King Wuran.

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