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General Description[]

The Light-Born are both the Seven Gods (the Creator and six other gods) as well as Eliath.

It is a common fallacy that the Creator created the world and the gods are divine. In fact, the Creator did not create the world as the world was already formed before the dawn of the gods. But they do dominate both the land and the people, which, according to Merzul and his Order, is unjust. The gods are nothing more than mighty mages. The are neither immortal nor can they perform miracles. Merzul believe that, because of their unusual skills, they act as if they have right to rule over mankind.


The Light-Born believe that their rule over the world was necessary in preventing total destruction (which a liberated mankind would inevitably bring upon themselves).

The Gods[]

The Twilight of the Gods[]

The Twilight of the Gods is predestined in the Book of Predestination which is about the coming of the Shadow God, the Tel'lmaltath.


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The Sins of our Fathers

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Into the Sky

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Hope at the End of the World