• The Corpse and Diary
  • Iselas Ruins Entrance
  • Bucket? Up there?
  • Getting the Key
  • Light Guard Elledan
  • Light Guard Gandhar
  • Cedric Iselas
  • Cedric's Gravestone

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Quest informationEdit


Quest Giver A diary on the road going south from the Arcane Sanctum or a Torn pages from diary found in the Ruin. Icon nq00g 80
Creatures Light Guard Gandhar, Light Guard Elledan, Cedric Iselas
Locations Iselas Ruins


As you walk on the road, you discover some remains of a adventurer. When you read his diary you discover that he was on the hunt for powerful artifact, but died trying. Now you are to take over where he failed, and claim those artifacts for yourself.


Find the ruinEdit

After you receive the quest, go southwest from where you found the remains. After a while you will find a big ruin. Find the door, and you will be inside the Iselas Ruins .

Ruins of IselasEdit


Torn pages from diary

Obtain the key

Find a room that seems to be inhabited, read the note on the table, and you will learn that there is a key in the bucket hanging from the roof. Shoot a arrow at the rope or the bucker, and the key will fall down. The key will probably be somewhere on the floor. Opent the Gate (Needs a key) with the Isela Key that you have just obtained.

  • Defeat the Brothers

Search through the cave, and you will eventually reach a room with two big skeletons (Light Guard Gandhar and Light Guard Elledan )at both sides, kill at least one of these, and equip his weapon when standing in front of the gate. You can now go through the gate in this room. Kill the boss Cedric Iselas and take his dust (Cedric's Ashes). Follow the cave longer and you will find a well, jump down this and leave the ruins.

Outside againEdit

Follow the quest marker and you will reach a graveyard. Activate the "Grave of Cedric" and you will receive your prize.




Isela Ruins map


Adventurer's corpse location


Iselas Ruins location

Quest JournalEdit

The use of the console is same like in Oblivion. Description how to use console commands can be found here

The Renegade Brother NQIselasaQuest
Stage End Q Journal Entry
5 I have found the diary of a dead adventurer. He tells of the Isela Ruins west of Sildren and some very powerful family heirlooms. If these heirlooms are really so powerful, perhaps I should pay a visit to the ruins...
10 I have found the torn pages from the diary. The adventurer had entered from the back area and hid the key in the bucket. He also describes that the two brothers with light-filled weapons watch the passage and the passage only opens only for those who carry these weapons.
15 I could find and kill Cedric. Well, maybe I should bury his dust in the Isela family cemetery.
20 End I have buried Cedric's dust in the Isela family cemetery. His spirit left me in gratitude the family heirlooms which he wore.


  • The map inside the ruin is not much reliable, you must depend on your intuition a lot.
  • It is not necessary to find the Corpse of the Adventurer to activate the quest. Just find the ruins and reading the Note will activate the quest as well.
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