• The Lonely Towers
  • The Dwarven Thief
  • Go to The Lonely Towers inside
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The Dwarven ThiefEdit


Wanted Dwarven Thief Icon nq00i 80
Location The Lonely Towers
Reward 300 Gold pieces

The Dwarven Thief Bounty QuestEdit


In the next bounty quest you have to hunt for a Dwarven Thief. He has locked himself inside The Lonely Towers.



The note the thief wrote

The Lonely Towers are between the Forest of Salathin and the Aman Bay. Navigating through the towers is pretty straightforward. At the end of the cave is a large seemingly empty hall, with nothing but a rope to pull. When you pull the rope a door opens and a bunch of logs roll down to kill you. It is advised to stay in the back of the room, since the logs do considerable damage and it is hard to avoid them. The logs will probably get stuck about halfway, so you are safe in the back. Behind the logs is a door. In the next corridor, to the left you will find Tower Lord Malock and the exit, and to the right will be Dwarven Thief. When you enter the room, you will see a large explosion. When you navigate through the fire traps you will be attacked by a Flame Creature. After you killed it, you will see the corpse of the Dwarven Thief and some burning gunpowder around him. On the table to the right is a note explaining the plans of the thief, and it will become obvious what went wrong.

Quest JournalEdit

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Lonely Tower1 map

The Lonely Towers, First Tower map

Lonely Tower2 map

The Lonely Towers, Second Tower map

Lonely Tower exterior map

The Lonely Towers exterior map

The Lonely Towers location

The Lonely Towers location


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