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Hi there! If you'd like to help out with editing these long-forgotten and dust-covered Wiki pages and you're willing to cooperate with someone, just let me know. I'll be more than happy to help in any way I can, though my skills and abilities seem limited :-)

Places to Find me

  • Facebook <-- just send me a message via the messenger

Please bear in mind that it might take me a while to respond (due to my other commitments), but in the end I will finally do it:)

Help us with Nehrim Wiki !

SureAI created such an immense and overhelming game, why not making it more accessible to other players by creating this invaluable source of information? Helping the Wikia will definitely:

  • Make Nehrim more accessible to new players- by detailed descriptions of the quests with explanation of most difficult parts so that they wouldn't give up on playing Nehrim.
  • Enable players to take FULL pleasure of playing the game and epxlore it to the fullest- we plan to create a database of items (it will be easier to collect sets!)some easter eggs, etc.
  • Show our appreciation of Nehrim- it's a stunning and breathtaking world with very rich history and unique realms. Nehrim is a TOTALLY new game with it's own unique quests and gameplay. I guess more people (who are yet to start Nehrim or consider downloading it) would get convinced that Nehrim is an extremely huge world with innumerable possibilities if they had the chance consult a Nehrim wiki.

How can YOU help?

By adding information , adding photos, editing the texts (sometimes they are written in a hurry so we would appreciate you correcting some mistakes) . For further information check this link Nehrim Wiki  how-to/FAQ

Join our discussion on SureAI forum in this topic if yu have any suggestions! :SureAI English Forum Join us as we need more contributions !!:)

SureAI English Forum

You need to be registered on this Forum, so here are the steps how to deal with it:Don't get discouraged that everything is in German :) I don't understand German either. Follow these steps:

  • Enter this SureAI official English forum:
  • Registrieren <-- click this one (right corner)
  • Click : Ich bit mit diesen [...] <--the one on the left( at the bottom)
  • Sprache : change to British English <--then you have everything in english :

My Long-Term Goals

Currently working on:

Later on:

Finish & improve the most visited pages:

  • Narathzul Arantheal <-- missing paragraphs, , quotes
  • The Light-Born <-- incorporate photos into the text.
  • Malphas -in Enderal
  • Kim <finish: Disagreement with Callisto; romance with Kim;
  • Tealor Arantheal
  • Tyr <-- no description, etc.
  • Internal links in side quests, incorporate the photos into the MQ & SQ.
  • MS --> use it somehow?
  • Gaboff
  • Quick navigation? What should we put here? SureAI links ok?
  • Videos to walkthrough -- > contact youtuber
  • The Shadow God <-- interpretation

Places - missing information