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You can help in any way. Uploading photos, adding some interesting information or organizing the page. Any help is greatly appreciated!

These more frequently visited pages are highly recommended for contribution:

Wanted PagesEdit

There is a list of pages that are unfinished and need more informations:


Criminal Offences


Magic Overview


  • Many places need a better description and data from CS about found items, containers and location (mainly the Middlerealm and Northrealm places).
  • Information about buildings in almost every city/Village.

Tips for Beginners

  • Who have a special tips can write here.


  • Is under reconstruction, we must insert the new Infobox People and also need descriptions and statistic data from CS.

The World of Vyn

  • If somebody has played Arktwend or Myar Aranath can add additional informations about this places and screenshots too.


There is a need for linking names (places, items, etc).

Informations about linking can be found here .

Almost doneEdit


  • Inserted data from CS, descriptions are welcome.

Information about editing can be found in Wiki How-To/FAQ and feel free to post questions to



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